“He's the real deal." BLURT MAGAZINE

"Cool and groovy.. vintage garage rock swagger with a touch of modern charm." MODERN MUSIC MAKER

This is tremendous music.  I hope people pay attention." AUDIO FUZZ


For a contemporary singer/songwriter, Sean Alan certainly does an impressive job at channeling the classic luminaries of rock, rhythm and blues dating back to as early as the 1960’s. But where some revel in recreating the past, Sean has forged a bold new sound that is at once vintage and new, a sonic sibling of rock’s glorious past that puts a vibrant, modern spin on tradition. 


This truism echoes artfully throughout Sean’s latest full-length creation, Shake My Tears, released in June 2019. Recorded with his charismatic six-piece ensemble, The True Love Band, the album is a poetic introspection about time and mortality, struggle and triumph, all set against a backdrop of irresistible melody, blaring horns, and rich harmonic textures. 


“It’s about death,” muses Sean half-jokingly. “But it’s not a collection of dirges. My dad was a total badass with an appetite for life, so when he died I knew I had to celebrate his life with some fire and spirit.” Fiery and spirited indeed, the album boasts an energy and vigor rarely seen in the soft spoken work of most contemporary indie singer/songwriters.   


The album’s debut single, “Monday Morning Blues,” is a quirky, infectious pop number about lacing up for the daily grind of a 9 to 5. "A song worth swaying to," boasts Modern Music Maker in a recent review. A cacophonous spoken word section by nagging boss types followed by a soaring guitar solo at the end attest to the creativity and virtuosity of the artist.



Sean has had a number of songs featured in film and television, most recently in the hit FX series, “Better Things.” For all fans and fans-to-be, Sean and the band can be found playing in and around LA as they develop new material with plans to record in the fall.