Best known for his vivid, thought-provoking lyrical imagery, Sean Alan is an LA based musician-singer-songwriter-producer who has been performing and recording original music for over 20 years. Sean’s ballad "In This World" earned some attention when it was featured on the hit TV show Better Things after catching the ear of actress producer Pam Adlon. Sean has spent the last few years trying to cater to a growing fanbase interested in hearing his

love songs, but after releasing a

few romantic folk-rock records

to lukewarm reception, Sean

decided it was time to crank up

the volume and get back to

doing what he loves best. Raised

on 90's alternative and 70's

psychedelic rock, Sean's latest

batch of recordings reflect his

musical roots, while tipping a

cap to modern lofi indie pioneers

such as Kurt Vile, Wooden Shijips

and Big Search. The first single, "California" is one song in a string of new guitar driven

anthems written, recorded and produced by Sean himself in collaboration with friends and past bandmates innovating under the moniker Blurry Stars. “California” and its eye-popping music video go live on July 31st.

“He's the real deal." BLURT MAGAZINE

Vintage garage rock swagger and a touch of modern charm... Alan is a true artist, with material that is unlike any of his contemporaries." MODERN MUSIC MAKER

CAlifornia Sean Alan and Blurry Stars 2.

This is tremendous music.  I hope people pay attention." AUDIO FUZZ

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