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Equal parts edge and heart, Sean Alan is an LA based singer, song writer, producer and multi instrumentalist who has been writing, performing and recording his own breed of raw, lyrically charged, guitar-driven music for the last two decades. His works span multiple moods, styles and genres, though his unique and distinct approach to songwriting and performance is evident throughout. Fiercely original and imbued with a punk aesthetic, Sean's music was always at odds with the sleepy, synth-focused hipster drone of his hometown. In spite of this, Sean formed and fronted a number of rock bands that waxed and waned for brief and glorious periods in the obscure corners of the LA underground.

In 2015, after recording a one-off
single in the style of old time
soul with some friends, Sean’s
original ballad “In This World"
earned some attention when it
was featured on the hit TV show
“Better Things” after catching the
ear of actress-producer Pam Adlon,
who went on to include several of Sean’s songs on the show’s soundtrack over the next few seasons, including Sean’s folk inspired cover of Sonic Youth’s “Do You Believe in Rapture.” Sean spent a few subsequent years trying to cater to a growing fanbase interested in hearing his love songs, but after releasing a few romantic folk-rock records to lukewarm reception, he decided to crank up the volume and return to his roots.

Sean has recently finished production of a full length album of psycho-spiritual garage rock anthems recorded under the moniker Blurry Stars. Raw and energetic, the sound is inspired by vintage punk, 90's post-hardcore, millenium garage rock, and 70’s psychedelia. The album, entitled “What’s Next,” is the first in an ambitious decade-long project in which Sean plans to write, record and tour a new album every year for the next ten years. “What’s Next” is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023, when Sean plans to hit the road for a west coast tour to promote the album.


“He's the real deal." BLURT MAGAZINE

Vintage garage rock swagger and a touch of modern charm... Alan is a true artist, with material that is unlike any of his contemporaries." MODERN MUSIC MAKER

CAlifornia Sean Alan and Blurry Stars 2.

This is tremendous music.  I hope people pay attention." AUDIO FUZZ

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