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Blurry Stars is a SoCal based garage rock,  power-pop project formed and fronted by singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Alan.

Catchy and kinetic, the sound is inspired by vintage punk, 90’s post-hardcore, and the edgier classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s.


Blurry Stars began as a solo recording project, but soon evolved into a dynamic live band when Sean recruited longtime friend and drummer Andrew Zeiser, and bassist Peter Alison, to help recreate the Blurry Stars sound live.



The project has since become a conduit for explosive creativity as the band performs electrifying interpretations of songs from the recently released album along with several energetic new originals that have emerged as a result of the band’s recent collaborations.


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After returning from their west coast tour this summer, Blurry Stars went to the studio to record what will be the trio's first official collaborative album. Stay tuned for news about upcoming shows and releases as the band continues to write, perform and live the music.

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