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Blurry Stars is an American indie garage rock project whose dynamic sound stems from 90’s alternative, vintage punk, millennia garage rock, and the edgier classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s.


What began as a solo recording project evolved into a dynamic live band when singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Alan recruited longtime friend and drummer Andrew Zeiser, and bassist Peter Alison, to help recreate the Blurry Stars sound live.

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The trio began rehearsing and quickly developed an explosive chemistry that spawned a flood of new songs. Upon returning from their 2023 summer tour, the group promptly went to Kingsize Sounds Labs (Granddady, Built To Spill, Wilco) to record their first collaborative album.

 The unreleased record, entitled “Start a Fire,” is an energetic collection of punk-adjacent anthems forged in the fires of the band’s time together on the road. Produced and mixed by Sean Alan, the record is scheduled for release summer of 2024 in conjunction with a summer tour.


Watch for local live appearances as the band continues its meteoric evolution, writing, jamming and performing vivid new permutations of their unique and inspired sound.


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