Best know for his vivid, thought-provoking lyrical imagery, Sean Alan is an LA based guitarist and singer songwriter who plays gritty, self-styled interpretations of rock and folk music.

A born writer, Sean cut his teeth penning lyrics and singing in high school punk rock bands in the late 90’s. In college he took up the guitar and formed an art-punk-funk trio called The Atma. Though the band had a small cult following and a great deal of ambition, they never managed to catch their big break in spite of some rather promising music. Professional frustrations, creative differences, and poor management eventually lead to the band’s break-up in 2008. Sean found himself unexpectedly thrust into the role of fatherhood shortly there after when his girlfriend at the time became pregnant with his first son.

Band-less and on the brink of becoming a dad, Sean formed another band, Peppermint wolf. The group showed potential, but as Sean found himself playing the same familiar circuit of dive bars and empty clubs for little money, he experienced something of a personal crisis. When his son arrived along with a sizable hospital bill, Sean left the band to soul search and look for consistent work.

The story might have ended there, but Sean couldn’t stay away from the music.  He formed new bands and side projects, all the while recording and releasing music. He played underground art shows with his groove-punk power trio Squirrel TV and even recorded a hip-hop album under the moniker Seanny Dogg. A dedicated husband, he wrote numerous love songs for his wife, one of which caught the ear of Pamela Adlon, star and director of the FX show “Better Things.” Pam put a number of Sean’s songs on her show, most notably the romantic ballad, “In This World.”

Following the relative success of “In This World,” Sean formed the The True Love Band, a charismatic 6-piece group composed of Sean’s friends and past bandmates. The group released two full length albums together that were warmly received by fans. Over the past year, the outfit has changed names and incarnations, but continues to be prolific. Sean and the group are currently at work on an ambitious, experimental collection of new tracks with plans to release new music in the summer of 2020.